Full name : 

Clift Edward Fant Jr 

Stage Name : 


Birthday : 

April 14th 1994 

About Me : 

I'm from Louisville, Ky 

I grew up in the Westend. 

I was raised by My Great Aunt, 

I grew up with my 2 brothers and sisters. 

My dad was murdered when I was just 7 years old due to Gun violence and My mother has been incarcerated since I was 2. 

After learning my Father passed Something just came over me at 7 years old to Put my pain and aggressions toward my music. I channel that rage and sorrow and make it to where people can relate and possibly be encouraged to take a stand in certain situations in their life that are not so great or perhaps is great and just give them a sense of comfort and motivation. 

I actually started recording music at the age of 14 and discovered I had a unique style of my own. Thanks to my listeners and supporters who encourage me to push my style more. I gained enough courage to get up and work on taking this sound I have created to the next level. 

It makes me so happy to inspire people through song and just good rhythm and storytelling. 

My goal is to try to change the world the best way I can by inspiring and motivating people to live positive and just to open your mind more to anything you believe in. I love to set trends and Keep people guessing on what's in store for my next project or song. 

I simply love Entertaining!

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